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2020 Euroheat & Power Conference
5 – 6 May 2020  |  Brussels, Belgium
We Are All Connected: Link Up with DHC!

by Paul Voss

In all systems, from energy infrastructure to multi-layered public policy machinery, progress is easier, faster and cheaper when parts of the whole work together in harmony. At their best, district heating and cooling networks are the embodiment of this principle.
The 2020 Euroheat & Power conference will celebrate the power of connection. Our ambition is to bring together the brightest minds from the worlds of policy, industry and research to reflect on how DHC can become the best possible version of itself over the coming years. Don’t let yourself or your organisation be the missing link!

Coming early in the mandate of a newly formed European Commission and Parliament, at a time when plans and priorities will still be taking shape, this conference will be a major opportunity to contribute to the discussion about the role that DHC can play in helping communities, countries and Europe achieve their climate and energy ambitions. We’re already looking forward to welcoming you to our home town!

Contacts: Euroheat & Power +32 (0)2 740 21 20